COVID-19 and Dietitian Services Qld update

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is staying safe, well and coping with the anxieties and stress that come from having to work or not having work.  As you would all be aware the government and health authorities are encouraging people that are still working to work from home if possible and encouraging people over 70 to self isolate and anyone with health problems over 65 to self isolate as well.

The physical distancing measures are one of the most important measures that can be used at the moment until a vaccine or treatments can be discovered that reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Meetings of more than 2 people are banned in outdoor and indoor settings except the health sector.   As a Dietitian, I can provide a quality dietetic service over the phone or via videoconferencing (eg Zoom, Skype, FaceTime) to comply with helping keep people at home (including me)  to help reduce the spread and ‘flatten the curve’.  (Also, I would hate to unknowingly pass on corona virus to anyone.)

So come and join me in the world that the young generation have always known – the virtual world!  The benefits will be the ability to walk to your pantry or fridge and show me food labels, more flexibility with booking in appointments with me, being able to wear your pjs (if you want to) for the consult and I get to meet some of your family and pets!  The downside includes trying new technology for the first time, but it gets easier the more you try.  I have been using Zoom with clients and can send details on how to download it to your computer or smart phone – most clients have found it easy to use and then go on to use it to maintain other social circles (eg family, church groups, craft groups).

Medicare clients

Existing clients that haven’t used up their approved Dietitian consultations, can swap straight over to Telehealth and the consult is free as it will be fully bulk billed.

New clients provided with an Enhanced Primary Care Program Referral form for Individual Allied Health Services under Medicare from your Doctor – need to send a photo, or fax or email the referral and then the consult is free (fully bulk billed).

Gold Card Veterans

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs have approved Telehealth, I am just waiting for them to send through details of how they want the system to work.

Clients with Private Health Funds

Check with your individual health fund to confirm that they will give you a rebate for a telephone or videoconferencing consultation.  Usual fees apply for consultations $120 (or $110 pensioner) for initial consults and $65 (or $60 for pensioners) for review consults. Rebates from the funds vary.


Has always supported Telehealth consultations.  If you are not confident we can talk on the telephone or type on your favourite messaging service.  Ask your support workers or plan managers for help if you would like support to set up Telehealth options with me.  It is possible to set up Auslan interpreters via Zoom as a group telehealth option.

Stuck at Home and Getting Bored?  You might be eligible for the My Health for Life Program

The My Health for Life Program is a group program (over Zoom) that is a free Qld Health funded program for people over 45 (or women that have had gestational diabetes in the past, or indigenous Australians over 18) that would like to make lifestyle changes (healthy eating, more exercise, less smoking, less alcohol, coping better, reducing waistlines) where participants set their own goals but get the support from the group.  If you would like to find out if you are eligible send me an email or give me a call and I can do a quick survey to find out.  The program is for 1 hour each week  for 9 weeks with a final follow up 3 months later.

How to book an appointment?

Appointment times are generally between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday but I’m open to providing evening appointments if needed.

To arrange an appointment:

Phone: 0409 628 551

Text: 0409 628 551

let me know days and times that would suit you, I’ll text back 3 options


let me know days and times that would suit you, email through any referrals

Stay safe and take care,  Cathie Lowe.



My Health For Life Program at Stafford

I’m excited to announce that I will be facilitating a My Health for Life Program at Minds4Health in Stafford starting on Friday 5th October.

The My Health for Life Program is a free program for people over 45 that are at risk of developing a chronic health disease and would like to make lifestyle changes to live healthier and reduce their risk.

The (mainly) group program provides support to participants while they decide and start making lifestyle changes that they want to make. Many participants find the group program very supportive. Support people are welcome and encouraged to come to the program.

The program consists of one individual consultation with the facilitator and 5 group sessions over 6 months.

If you would like to be eating healthier, moving more, coping better, smoking less or not at all, drinking alcohol moderately or losing weight this program might be for you.

The program is funded by Queensland Health and there is a quick survey that can be done over the phone with Cathie to see if you are eligible.

Cathie Lowe is a My Health for Life Facilitator and an Accredited Practising Dietitian. If you would like to know more about the program and eligibility please contact Cathie directly on 0409628551 or or for general information call My Health For Life on 137475.