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At Dietitian Services the goal is to coach you to optimal nutrition whether you are an individual, a family, an aged care facility or catering company.

So firstly what do you need from a Dietitian? What are your health goals? How are your energy levels? What foods do you enjoy or dislike? When are you hungry? How busy is your life? Do you like cooking or do you need quick and easy meal ideas? What health issues need addressing? What’s your activity level like? How did you go last time you tried to make changes to your eating pattern?

Accredited Practising Dietitians know what’s in food and how food works, what research is out there to get the results that you (or the Doctor) wants and have health coaching skills to help you find ways around life’s challenges. So there can be quite different strategies developed for clients with similar health issues!

Our Services

Food ServiceWeight Management
There are options used including meal planning, goal setting, kilojoule counting, non dieting approach or combinations of all. The practice provides support for people having bariatric surgery. Details
Food ServiceFood Service
Services provided include checking a menu for nutritional adequacy, analysing recipes, providing catering services with information on how to promote healthy eating and information on food labelling laws. Details
Body Composition Body Composition
Using Bioimpedence Analysis your body fat, active tissue mass and hydration levels can be assessed. This is commonly used in clients not seeing results on the scales or in athletes with goals around body fat loss or muscle gain. Details
Aged Care Aged Care
We can help with advice on nutrition screening tools, education for catering or caring staff, individual assessments of clients, and assessment of menus to meet the accreditation standard. Details
Sports NutritionAdvice for other issues such as diabetes, cholesterol, weight gain, sports nutrition, coeliac disease, other gastro intestinal conditions, support for adults with intellectual/physical disabilities are common areas where we support people with individualised nutrition plans. Details

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