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Cathie Lowe

Director and Accredited Practising Dietitian

Cathie Lowe is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Director of Dietitian Services. Cathie completed a Bachelor of Science at University of Queensland in 1990 and a Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from Queensland University of Technology in 1992.

Cathie (like many Dietitians loves food) and likes all areas of nutrition from the many components in food, research about eating patterns and health, how food is used by the body and what it needs, how to keep people healthy with supplemental feeds while they can’t eat and the practicalities of cooking for one to five hundred!

Cathie is interested in diabetes, heart health and Mediterranean foods, adults with intellectual and physical disability requiring nutrition support, coeliac disease, ‘gut health’ and fodmap foods, sports nutrition (particularly endurance sports) and all aspects of weight management from motivation, non dieting strategies, meal planning, non-hungry eating, research on use of medications to help with weight management and lap banding or gastric sleeve surgery.

Cathie is interested in ways to help people make long term lifestyle changes and has done training in health coaching and acceptance and commitment training.

Cathie likes stepping in to food service kitchens to observe food preparation and practices. In Aged Care she is passionate about texture modified foods and is well known for taste testing the smooth pureed meals. Menu design and ways of integrating menus to reduce staff workloads is an area of interest.

Cathie divides her time between seeing individual clients in clinics and work in food service and aged care work.



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