Ecofriendly Food Challenge Week 1

Great ideas from other people trying the food challenge.  Our homework for week 1 was to try to reduce food waste going in to the landfill bin.

Some of the great ideas people came up with:

  • buy a Bokashi bin as you can put all kinds of scraps including meat into it
  • leave the green bags in the car so you don’t forget to take them to the supermarket
  • plan meals so that you don’t buy too much food – also saves money
  • purchase and use a compost bin
  • check out what items can be recycled – it’s amazing what can go in the recycling bin

Personally, I found that I could reduce my food scraps by using the compost bin and not getting lazy and just putting waste into the landfill bin, planning meals definitely helps reduce waste and I’m thinking about buying a Bokashi bin.

The ecofriendlyfood website is a great resource for practical ideas on being more enviromentally friendly.

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